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Country Diagnostic Report: Long-Term Finance in Côte d’Ivoire

Feb 25, 2020 | MFW4A, GIZ, AfDB

While developing countries and the donor community have in recent years placed considerable emphasis on strengthening access to financial services and on designing national financial inclusion strategies, the traditional role of finance in allocating scarce resources to the economy’s most productive uses has attracted less attention. The Africa Long-Term Finance (LTF) Initiative seeks to rebalance the focus toward this perspective by (a) assembling data and establishing a “LTF Scoreboard,” on which individual countries are benchmarked against one another on the availability of LTF, and (b) undertaking country diagnostics in a number of African countries to identify specific hurdles faced in deepening markets for LTF and ways such hurdles could be overcome. This report is the first of these country-diagnostic reports.