Financial Inclusion

We support efforts to provide households and businesses with access to a full suite of quality financial services including savings, credit, payments and insurance to meet their financial needs. Areas of focus include: Digital Finance, Agricultural Finance, Insurance, SME Finance and Remittances.

Thematic Areas

MFW4A supports efforts to develop and implement risk management solutions for the agricultural sector both as a means of improving access to finance and to managing emerging risks, particularly with respect to climate change.
MFW4A promotes a proportionate legal and regulatory environment which fosters innovation and competition in digital financial services, while protecting consumer rights and financial system stability. We explore the potential for digital payment solutions to support the expansion of access to critical services (water, energy, education, health).
MFW4A supports the expansion of insurance services focusing on low-income markets through regulatory reform and leveraging new technologies.
MFW4A supports the development of new tools and technologies to support productive diaspora investments in Africa as a contribution to long-term economic growth.
MFW4A supports the design and delivery of the full range of financial and non-financial services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The emphasis is on providing platforms for peer-to-peer exchange to identify and scale up innovative products that work.
MFW4A, through the Trade Finance Initiative (TFI), works to improve the understanding of the trade finance market in Africa, and promote sound financial sector policy, regulatory reforms and joint thematic research.