Liberia: Teachers in Gbarpolu to receive salary via mobile money

Apr 18, 2017

Over two hundred teachers of the Ministry of Education (MoE) assigned in Gbarpolu County, will as of this April, receive their monthly salary allotment through mobile money, the Daily Observer has gathered.

This decision was reached at the MoE agenda for mobile money enrollment event, recently in Bopolu City, the county's capital. The event, which brought together staff from the ministry, representatives from the Civil Service Agency (CSA), Lonestar Cell MTN, and MStar, focused on the overview and purpose of mobile money salary payments, requirements for CSA enrollment, government contribution to cash-out fees, and the process of receiving salary via mobile money. Accordingly, the teachers in the county are expected to therefore spend less time taking their monthly salary and more time on duty. Unlike in the past, the newly introduced mobile money exercise will allow the teachers to spend less time and resources to receive and cash their pay checks. They will now go to the nearest mobile money agents in their respective districts to receive their money, rather than traveling for two to four days before getting their salaries from the bank, a situation which has caused students to often be out of classes, falling behind the annual academic calendar. Currently, some of the problems rural teachers are facing involve traveling for a week to pick up paychecks, often at their own expenses, which include transportation over long distances, lodging, as well as allegedly paying unofficial fees to bank tellers and security guards to expedite disbursement. While the teachers are reportedly celebrating the mobile money development, there are reports in the county that a large group of teachers from Kongba District are stranded in Bopolu City, awaiting salaries owed to them since February. Source: allAfrica