World Bank announces further Liberia funding

Apr 01, 2010

The World Bank will give a new round of funding to Liberia to help boost the African country's economy.

Making the announcement during a one-day visit to the country, World Bank Vice-President for the Africa Region Obiageli Ezekwesili said the institution is committed to providing Liberia with both financial and technical support to help it grow. Included in the offering will be $11 million (€8.1 million) in budget support for the government, while additional money will be used to finance a number of infrastructure projects.

Currently, the World Bank is investing in around 20 projects in Liberia, including providing support to strengthen economic and public sector governance. The country is presently undergoing a rebuilding process after suffering a civil war between 1990 and 2003.

Ms Ezekwesili met with President of Liberia Ellen Sirleaf and a number of other government officials during her trip. Ms Sirleaf welcomed the move, offering her "thanks and appreciation for the strong partnership which we have with the bank and the support we continue to receive".