Ugandan businesses encouraged to form associations

Dec 01, 2010

Forming business associations is the only way of increasing competitiveness among the business community in order to attract the local and regional markets, the executive director of the Ugandan private sector foundation, Gideon Badagawa said.

He said that business associations are the building blocks of the private sector in the country and the membership constitutes largely business associations
which should be supported to grow. “If we are going to effectively represent the private sector in this country we must work thorough associations, across all sectors to be able to reach out to the grass root,” said Badagawa.

He said that through associations like cooperatives and groupings, they can lobby and advocate for policies in favor of the business community and create a good business environment with in which the private sector can operate from. Badagawa was speaking the the annual business association awards ceremony in which eleven business associations were recognized at Hotel Africana on Friday. Microfinance wins

The awards introduced three years a go are aimed at improving association governance, financial management and improve communication with in the private sector and also to enhance private public partnership with government. “When we talk of building the private sector we are looking at the value chain and every enterprise that contributes to this value chain must be recognized but its only when we are all organized,” he added.

The winners were selected based on association governance,leadership of association, membership development, involvement of members in consultations on policy matters, lobbying and advocacy, auditing of accounts, financial management, and communication with in the association, among others. The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU) emerged the overall winner of the year having, exhibited best practices at National level ,taking over from the Uganda Insurers Association that took the award last year. Prossy Nandudu, Uganda