Somaliland get mobile money transfer service from Qaran Express

Oct 12, 2010

A new mobile money transfer service has been introduced in Somaliland by Qaran Express that enables citizens to send and receive finance using their portable phones.

The launch of the new product, which took place at the Maansoor Hotel in the region's capital Hargeisa, comes following the merger of Qaran Express and Zaad Mobile, the Somaliland Press reports. Speaking at the event, Minister of Commerce Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed welcomed the introduction of the offering and the combination of the two firms.

Zaad, which was introduced to Somaliland by Telesom, lets customers transfer money to and from their bank accounts, as well as pay bills and buy goods and services. In addition, the offering means those who have left the area can easily exchange money with their families in Somaliland.

Qaran Express, which was established in 2005, specialises in providing money transfer services to the Somaliland population and former residents and also operates an anti-money laundering compliance programme in the fight against fraud and drug money.