Rwanda: New bank product launched for women

Mar 12, 2012

Fina Bank Rwanda has announced the imminent launch of a new product for women, reports the New Times.

It is hoped that the new service, called Fina Sugira, will improve access to finance for women in Rwanda by allowing them to regularly save money in order to see their capital grow at an improved rate.

Through this service, Fina Bank wishes to encourage the development of Rwanda's female entrepreneurs, who, regardless of their prevalence, still have problems accessing certain financing.

To help the product beneficiaries even more, the bank officials, cited by New times, have explained that there would be no charges for ATM cards, internet and mobile banking or even internal and external transfers.

At present, Rwanda's women are prevalent members of the nation's economy as they make up 80 percent of the labour market. They also have an important place in the country's political sector, as 49 percent of the Parliament members are female.