Rwanda 'to attract investment' at 20th WEF

May 06, 2010

Rwanda is seeking to attract more foreign investment at this year's World Economic Forum (WEF), the country's Finance Minister has revealed.

Speaking to the New Times, John Rwangombwa said bringing in capital from overseas is a key target for the nation at the three-day event, which began yesterday (May 5th) in Tanzania. This year's WEF is the 20th and the first to be held in east Africa. A number of high-level political figures are expected to attend and Mr Rwangombwa said the opportunity should not be wasted. "The economic forum will bring key people together - people [who] matter in terms of private investments for the country," he told the news source.

Among those due to appear at the summit are the Presidents of Gabon, Namibia, Benin and Ethiopia, among others. The main theme of the 2010 WEF is expected to be devising new strategies for encouraging and overseeing investment in African countries.

It was set up in 1971 and, from its base in Switzerland, aims to encourage global leaders to form partnerships that will improve the state of the world.