Phone service launched by Bank of Africa

Jun 25, 2010

Bank of Africa customers in Uganda are now able to access their account information over the phone after the launch of a new facility the bank hopes will improve its customer service.

It has introduced DigiBanking, which also lets consumers check their details - including account balances, loan payments and foreign currency rates - online, the Ugandan Observer reports. The newspaper quoted Bank of Africa Managing Director Edigold Monday as saying it is launching the "much-desired service" in response to customer feedback.

She added the new option will "massively enhance Bank of Africa's service to its customers" by cutting down the number of branch visits needed and reducing waiting times, noting it will enable them to "manage their finances in a hassle-free and relaxed manner".

A number of African banks are introducing mobile and internet-based services in order to give their customers greater access to finance. Earlier in the week, Diamond Trust Bank announced users of the M-Pesa service can now withdraw funds from the bank's ATMs through their mobile phone.