North Africa Financial Sector Dialogue - Brief Summary and Presentations

Mar 05, 2019

MFW4A organized the last edition of its African financial sector dialogue series on February 27-28, 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia.

Over 70 participants attended this key event providing the ideal opportunity for domestic financial institutions and regional/international DFIs to build up better understanding of their needs and therefore adjust their investment strategies on the continent.

The 13 panels of this event, composed of government officials, central banks, representatives of local institutions and development finance institutions, covered the major issues and financial thematics of the region including financial infrastructure, regional integration, financial inclusion, climate finance, capital markets, institutional investors and Insurance. The key takeaways of the dialogue will be available shortly on website.

Select presentations can be downloaded through the following links (available in French):

Session 1 – North Africa financial sector landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

Session 5 – Strategies for financial inclusion acceleration in North Africa

Session 7 – Deepening and Strengthening Capital Markets in North Africa

Session 10 – The Role of Insurance: Savings Mobilization and Improving the Risk Profile of Investments in North Africa