Namibian bank customers offered fraud protection tips

Oct 28, 2010

A new campaign aimed at educating the public about the risk of fraud has been launched by Standard Bank Namibia.

The financial institution is urging people to ensure their personal banking details are protected and be aware of fraudulent transactions, the New Era reports. Managing Director of the bank Mpumzi Pupuma said at a press conference customers should report any cases where they suspect they have been the victim of fraud and offered a series of tips to users of banking services.

"When at an ATM, they should refrain from accepting assistance from anyone hanging around the ATM, while at the same time checking if there are any signs of tampering," he remarked, adding scams are on the increase globally, with new techniques such as phishing and card cloning growing in popularity among criminals.

Standard Bank Namibia, part of the Standard Bank Group, operates 22 branches and 115 ATMs across the country and claims to have the widest-reaching network of all the nation's financial services providers.