Minister calls for changes to microfinance in Sudan

May 04, 2011

The way in which microfinance is granted through the Saving and Social Development Bank in Sudan needs to be simplified.

This is according to the Minister of Social Welfare and Security Amira Al-Fadel, who recently suggested poorer people have difficulty accessing funds, the Sudan News Agency reports.

Speaking ahead of a recent workshop at the bank, she claimed procedures surrounding microfinance must be accelerated.

She was supported by the institution's Director Dr Mandour Al-Mahdi, who noted that better ways of ensuring poorer people are able to access finance quickly and easily must be established.

Ms Al-Fadal also highlighted the importance of addressing issues surrounding guarantees.

The Saving and Social Development Bank was first established as the Sudanese Savings Bank on World Savings Day in 1974 and operates in 13 of the country's states.

Former Minister of Finance and Economic Expert Dr Abdal-Wahab Osman described the organisation as being very important in combating poverty, the news provider added.