Kenyan credit card customers 'to see improved value' following banks' UPS deal

Sep 21, 2010

A new outsourcing agreement involving Kenyan banks and Universal Payment Services (UPS) is set to benefit those using financial services in the country.

UPS, a Kuwait-Saudi partnership that provides transaction services for payment cards, will work with financial institutions in a move that will help bring costs down. "The partnership will ensure that banks deliver more value to their customers by facilitating cost-efficient deals and payments through one gateway involving certified technology with major card schemes," remarked Saad Doukali, head of business strategy for UPS.

Speaking in Nairobi yesterday (September 20th), Mr Doukali noted UPS operates a Visa and MasterCard-certified data centre that will be used to handle credit and debit payments in Africa, the Standard reports. It is also looking to build a Kenya call centre to handle customer questions, he remarked.

Prime Bank, Chase Bank and First Community Bank already use the services provided by UPS, which holds capital of $50 million (€32 million).