Farmers in Niger State 'to get agriculture finance'

Nov 15, 2010

Niger State farmers could be among the first to benefit from a national fund that has been set up to help the agriculture sector during the dry season.

Alhaji Aminu Yusuf, Commissioner of Agriculture, revealed following a State Executive Council Meeting that the government is to release one billion Nigerian naira (€4.86 billion) from the 200 billion naira fund, Leadership reports. A list of farmers set to receive funding is to be passed on to Union Bank - which has been selected by the government to ensure those in the industry get access to the money - after they were visited to check their claims for finance were accurate.

Dry season farmers and those involved with the rearing of livestock, poultry and fish nationwide are among the groups that will get cash, with farmers in Niger State likely to be allocated 325 million naira.

Earlier this month, the Daily Trust reported microfinance banks in Nigeria are to get access to another 200 billion naira fund that will be used to help encourage financial inclusiveness in the nation.