ECOWAS & Eastern and Southern Africa Financial Sector Dialogues - Presentations

Nov 09, 2018

MFW4A organized a series of regional dialogues aiming to provide the ideal opportunity for domestic financial institutions and regional/international DFIs to build up better understanding of their needs and therefore adjust their investment strategies in the region.

The ECOWAS Financial Sector Dialogue, held in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, from the 27th to the 28th of September 2018, mobilized more than 60 participants and was designed around 9 panels which addressed various thematic, including financial infrastructure, regional financial and monetary integration, financial inclusion, climate finance, capital markets, institutional investors and Insurance.

The “Eastern and Southern Africa Financial Sector Dialogue” brought together 70 participants from 15 countries representing various Eastern and Southern Africa financial sector stakeholders. The workshop was intended to provide a platform to identify and address challenges impeding the financial sector in Eastern and Southern Africa from fully playing its role as a catalyst for growth. The discussions were articulated around nine (9) sessions ranging from the Eastern and Southern Africa Financial Sector Landscaping to Financial Sector Development in a Post-Conflict Context. The Dialogue Reports is being finalized in order to point out key recommendations and takeaways, however some presentations are now available: ECOWAS Dialogue (1) Les systèmes de retraite comme source de financement à long-terme: Enjeux et perspectives (2) The African Insurance Landscape: Scaling Markets for Growth (3) West African Monetary Institute Presentation Eastern & Southern Africa Dialogue (1) De-Risking the Real Economy through Insurance (2) Financial Sector Development in Post-Conflict: Case of Somalia (3) Climate Finance Strategic Framework - African Development Bank (4) Eastern and Southern Africa Financial Sector Landscape (5) Developing SSA's Capital Markets (6) Speech by DIDG Chairman - Donovan Chimhandamba