Angola: Positive results for Credit to Agriculture programme

Jun 22, 2011

The manager of a farming cooperative in Angola has reported encouraging results from the Ministry of Agriculture Credit to Agriculture programme, which aims to improve the daily lives of rural families and help fight poverty.

The Boa Esperança organisation and the banks Sol, BPC and BIC are leading the project, which was launched in April 2010.

António Lino, who manages the cooperative, believes that the Credit to Agriculture programme is helping to improve living conditions in rural areas and increase
revenues, Angop news agency reports.

"It is a huge opportunity for food production and the creation of opportunities for rural families," he said.

The Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development
Afonso Pedro Canga said earlier this month that the programme will boost job creation, national production and expand farming areas, as well as provide poorer people with the means and equipment to intensify production, boost markets and improve the quality of products, the news source reports.