African Development Bank's Digital Finance Week: Presentations

Sep 26, 2016

Digital Finance Week was held from September 19th to 22nd, 2016 at the African Development Bank's CCIA Building, in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. It included a mix of presentations, panel discussions and case studies covering policy and regulatory issues as well as the more practical aspects of Digital Financial Services.

Presentations Session 1: Digital Finance: The Basics and State of Play
  • Corinne Riquet, Regional Representative for West and Central Africa, CGAP - View Presentation
  • Rachid Ndiaye, Investment Officer, Financial Inclusion Division, AfDB - View Presentation
Session 2: Key Challenges and Policy Responses
  • Maimouna Gueye, Principal Financial Inclusion Officer, Financial Inclusion Division, AfDB - View Presentation
  • Stefan Konan, CEO, Competences - View Presentation
  • Central Bank of Nigeria -
    View Presentation
Session 3: Digital Financial Services and AfDB Operations
  • Gabriel Mougani, Chief Financial Integration Economist, Financial Integration Department, AfDB - View Presentation
  • Abdelkader Benbrahim, Associate Financial Sector Advisor, Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) - View Presentation
Session 5: Digital Financial Services and the Poor: Credit and Micro-insurance Session on Microcredit
  • Grégoire Danel Fedou, CEO, Advans - View Presentation
  • Peace Osangir, Finance Director, Kopo Kopo Inc. - View Presentation
Session on Micro-insurance
  • David Ashiagbor, Coordinator, MFW4A - View Presentation
  • Katerina Kyrili, Africa Business Development Manager, BIMA - View Presentation
Session 6: Digital Payment Services: Going Cashlight
  • Radji Safiou, Chartered Accountant and Economist at the Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy in Togo (AgriPME) - View Presentation
  • Peace Osangir, Finance Director, Kopo Kopo Inc - View Presentation
Session 7: Venture Capital and Fintech
  • Rachid Ndiaye, Investment Officer, AfDB - View Presentation
Session 8: Showcasing DFS Applications - Agriculture
  • Bolaji Akinboro, CEO, Cellulant Corporation - View Presentation
  • Bawbady Ago Bazaa, Commercial & Marketing Director, Togocel - View Presentation
Session 9: Showcasing DFS Applications - Agriculture (continued)
  • Max Mattern, Finance and Private Sector Development, CGAP - View Presentation
  • James Hokans, Director for Strategic Learnings, Mercy Corps - View Presentation
  • Suzanne Ngo-Eyok, Director of the Cocoa Livelihoods Program, World Cocoa - View Presentation