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At a Glance

Population in thousands (2017): 956.99
GDP per capita (current US$) 2017 - World Average 10,721.61: 1927.59
Account (%) age 15+) - (2014 vs 2017): 12% (2011)
Agriculture Orientation Index - Credit ( Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries share of GDP) (2015 vs 2016): n/a
Financial Inclusion Strategies: n/a
Domestic credit provided by financial sector (% of GDP) 2017: 34.96
Made or received digital payments in the past year (% age 15+) (2014 vs 2017): n/a
Remittances % of GDP for 2017: 0.033
Mortgage Interest Rate / Mortgage Term (years): 7% | 20

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