Banking and Finance in Africa

Nov 16, 2015
For over a decade now, Africa has been experiencing a higher growth rate compared to the rest of the world. Many African
are being strengthened by a wave of reforms in all sectors, which favours
market mechanisms, the state's disengagement from the economic and social domain, and fair price. Yes, Africa is undoubtedly the world's next emerging market. At the heart of Africa's economic growth is its financial system, considered to be one of the continent's brightest prospects. Indeed, Africa's banking system have showed better performance in 2014 (24%), six times the average return of European banks. In an effort to unravel the mystery of Africa's growth and progress in the 21st century, we will be launching a new book entitled "Banque et Finance en Afrique: les acteurs de l'émergence", to be published under the Revue Banque edition. The publication, an initiative by the African Bankers Club (Club des dirigeants des banques et des établissements de credit d'Afrique), will feature comprehensive analysis of Africa's banking and financial sector, through collective works gathered from the continent's economic and financial experts. The book will be launched in January 2016, and includes a preface by Christian de BOISSIEU and Arnaud de BRESSON. What does the current African landscape looks like? What are the strategies implemented by the major African banks? What is the status of pan-African banking and what is its future? What are the major challenges for the African banking regulator? What are the major challenges facing African banks in the next thirty years? These are just some of the questions analysed in this book, which will also look to address other regulatory issues and their degree of adaptation, particularly in dealing with money laundering. We believe that the economic development of Africa will be greatly facilitated by the free flow of ideas and research across the entire continent. This book aims to share those insights and builds on the experts' deep experiences and knowledge of the continent. _________________________________________________________________ Collective work under the direction of:
Dhafer Saïdane, University of Lille North of France, SKEMA Business School, and Adviser to the African Bankers Club (Club des Dirigeants des Banques et Établissements de crédit d'Afrique); and Alain Le Noir, Founder and Special Advisor to the President of the African Bankers Club (Club des Dirigeants des Banques et Établissements de crédit d'Afrique). Take advantage of the special subscription offer available until November 30th, 2015.

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