Who is funding microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Aug 01, 2009 | CGAP | CGAP
In 2008, CGAP conducted the first global survey of leading microfinance donors and investors. This report uses data collected from this survey, which is based on self-reported information from 54 funders. All data provided are as of December 2007 (except for a few funders whose fiscal year ends in June) and were collected from April to August 2008. The report ascertains regional trends and aims to support future collaboration among funders. It answers the following questions about funding in SSA: i) How much money is going to microfinance?; ii) Who is providing the funding?; iii) Where does the money go?; iv) What funding instruments are used?; and v) What is financed?
Theme: Financial Inclusion | Pages: 12