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Webinar Presentation: Pulse Check – Trade Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa during Covid-19

Oct 20, 2020 | MFW4A

Following the release of a collaborative report accessing the impact of COVID-19 on trade finance, MFW4A organised a webinar together with report co-authors from the AfDB, BADEA, ITC, ITFC, and EADB.

Pre-COVID-19, the trade finance gap in Africa was already estimated to be above USD 100 billion. What has been the impact of the pandemic on trade finance in the region and what can MDBs and governments do to support the trade finance sector?

To answer this question, eight MDBs and trade development institutions have engaged with selected members of the banking community across the region to gauge how the sector has fared so far during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Theme: Financial Inclusion, Trade Finance | Country: Africa | Pages: 9