Volunteerism: An Old Concept, A New Business Model for Scaling Microfinance and Technology-for-Development Solutions

Jan 01, 2011 | Grameen Foundation | Grameen Foundation

This paper aims to shed light on challenges that prevent the microfinance industry from taking full advantage of a plentiful but underutilized supply of individuals and companies around the globe with the skills, passion, and fresh perspectives that could benefit microfinance efforts. The paper explores the most prevalent risks facing MFIs today and how volunteers can help mitigate them, highlights trends leading to a groundswell of interest in skillsbased volunteerism and lessons learned from existing volunteer efforts in the sector, as well as outlines a prospective future where volunteers are embedded in the design and delivery of services to MFIs and other organizations serving the financial needs of the world’s poor.

Theme: Financial Inclusion | Pages: 24