Microfinance Institutions’ Response in Conflict Environments: Eritrea- Savings and Micro Credit Program; West Bank and Gaza – Palestine for Credit and Development; Haiti – Micro Credit National, S.A.

Jun 30, 2003 | M.S Manalo | The World Bank
This study documents the practical experiences of the Savings and Micro Credit Program in Eritrea as it operated during and after the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia from 1998 through 2000. In addition, a comparison of their performance with two other microfinance institutions that also remained operational in crisis environments, the Palestine for Credit and Development in the West Bank and Gaza and the Micro Crédit National, S.A., in Haiti, is presented to illustrate that institutional and financial outcomes may depend on the underlying socio-economic conditions, the characteristics of the microfinance institution, and the decisions they make.
Theme: Financial Inclusion | Country: Eritrea | Pages: 46