Diagnostic Study on Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Nov 01, 2006 | IFC | IFC

The diagnostic study on Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa was undertaken at the request of the Gender and Women’s Economic EmpowermentUnit of the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa and represents the first integrated analysis of financial access factors across gender lines have been undertaken in South Africa. The study examined in particular the potential for Black Economic Empowerment strategies to adequately service the needs of the emerging black female entrepreneurs and to make recommendations in this regard. The study examined mainly the following areas: Customer Survey; the Macro Framework; Financial Institutions; Business Development Support; Credit Referencing and BEE Financing. The paper disaggregated and analyzed material from the annual Finmark Trust surveys and the national Labor Force; run interviews and focus groups across the country with women entrepreneurs, financial institutions, business development support institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

Theme: Gender Finance, Financial Inclusion | Country: South Africa | Pages: 90