Uganda: Centenary Bank Signs Deal With Worldremit

Dec 29, 2017 | The Independent; All Africa

Ugandans living abroad can now send money home to their families and friends through Centenary Bank accounts countrywide following a partnership with the digital money transfer firm, WorldRemit.

Fabian Kasi, the managing director of Centenary Bank said the new partnership re-affirms the lender's commitment to offer financial solutions that meet the needs of its customers, especially those living in the diaspora. "This money transfer service shall complement our already existing products including the Cente Diaspora account, designed specifically to enable Ugandans living abroad save money back at home," he said. He said the lender shall continue exploring unique and faster to ways to promote access to financial services by all people in a sustainable manner. Ismail Ahmed, the founder and CEO of WorldRemit, said the new partnership will offer more choice and convenience for all its customers. WorldRemit completes nearly 800,000 transfers every month from 50 send countries to over 148 receiving destinations. Source: All Africa