Tanzania: What Tanzania Banks On to Attract Industrial Investment

May 31, 2018 | All Africa

The government has explained how it attracts industrial investment including by ensuring peace and security in the country.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Mr Anthony Mavunde told the National Assembly on Wednesday that the government has been removing some legal barriers by reviewing laws and policies governing investment. Mr Mavunde was responding to a question asked by Ms Rukia Ahmed (Special Seats -CCM) on behalf of the Industry, Trade and Investment minister Charles Mwijage. Ms Ahmed asked what the government has in its plans to attract industrial investment touted by the government. Mr Mavunde also added that the government created enabling infrastructure and making information and data about Tanzania's investment opportunities available. "We have Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), embassies and local governments which all help inviting investors," he said. Source: All Africa