Sudan: Central Bank Directs Banks to Hand Over Expatriate Remittances in the Same Currencies Transferred

Dec 06, 2017 | Sudan News Agency; All Africa

The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) has instructed all banks to hand over expatriate remittances in the same currencies as they have been transferred to facilitate the flow of Sudanese remittances abroad and provide them with distinctive banking services.

CBOS announced, in a press circular, the dealing of all banks operating in the country in the receiving and delivery of remittances of expatriates through branches (windows) to be announced by the banks for the purpose of overcoming obstacles. The Central Bank has obliged all banks to provide the best banking services to the Sudanese public working abroad. The Central Bank of Sudan stressed that the policies of the foreign exchange market, the exchange rate and subsequent amendments, pours in the framework of its constant efforts to preserve and maintain the rights of the dealers with the banking system. Source: All Africa