Orange Money and Flash International, a new partnership serving the population

Feb 24, 2020 | Ecofin Agency

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a low bank enrollment rate, leaving millions of people outside the banking system. However, more than 45% of the Congolese population use mobile phones, which makes it possible to increase financial affordability.

In the DRC, several mobile money agents, for lack of liquidity, have especially constraints when it comes to carrying out transactions of large amounts. To meet these constraints, Flash International has signed a partnership contract with the Orange group. The Orange Money service is now available in all branches of the FLASH/CFC network and at more than 4,000 Flash agents across the DRC. The integration of the Orange Money service into FlashApp, the mobile application is already effective, and Orange Money service users can now carry out their transactions within CFC/Flash network in full tranquility and security, even when large amounts are involved.

This innovative integration allows more than 4,000 Flash agents to distribute electronic money, cash and value-added services by simply debiting their Flash accounts. No more need to manage a multitude of wallets and product accounts, what allows to generate more sales and services with a minimum of cash.

With nearly 100 CFC agencies and 4,000 Flash agents throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Flash is currently largest digital distribution network in DR Congo and offers the Congolese population other additional services to which Orange Money has just been added. All that make CFC/Flash now the largest Orange Money distributor in DR Congo... read more on Ecofin Agency

Source: Ecofin Agency