New issue of Journal of African Trade released

Feb 02, 2016

The Journal of African Trade (JAT) has come out with its latest issue, featuring five original research articles focused on the key African trade issues of the day.

In the lead article in the recently released JAT Volume 2 Issues 1-2, the trio of Elizabeth Asiedu, Yi Jin and Isaac K. Kanyama, examine the relationship between HIV/AIDS and foreign direct investment in Africa. Titled, "The impact of HIV/AIDS on foreign direct investment: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa", the article concludes that HIV/AIDS has a negative, but diminishing, effect on foreign direct investment. A second article, by Alemayehu Geda and Edris Hussein Seid, looks at "The potential for internal trade and regional integration in Africa", examining the prospects for advancing regional economic integration through such trade. "Who profits from trade facilitation initiatives? Implications for African countries" by Bernard Hoekman and Ben Shepherd uses firm-level data for a large number of developing countries, in Africa and the rest of the world, to assess the claims that it will be mostly large firms that benefit from trade facilitation and that trade facilitation may result in a deterioration of the trade balance. They report finding no evidence for either argument. Maureen Were contributed an article titled, "Differential effects of trade on economic growth and investment: A cross-country empirical investigation" while Michael Olabisi and Howard Stein authored another one titled, "Sovereign bond issues: Do African countries pay more to borrow?" The Journal of African Trade, a bi-annual publication sponsored by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), publishes articles that test, advance and develop models, framework, and concepts in international trade and trade finance, economic growth and development, and international finance. It focuses on theoretical issues relating to development of trade and African trade in particular; policy and institutional matters relating to the development of African trade and trade finance; and other contemporary issues relevant to the development of global and African trade and trade finance. Please click on the link to read: The Journal of African Trade Volume 2