MFW4A Launches Yearly Report 2015

Sep 15, 2016

This report covers the first year of MFW4A’s 2015-2017 strategy and its portfolio of initiatives.

The MFW4A Partnership is proud to present its Yearly Report 2015, which highlights our achievements of the first year of the MFW4A's 2015-2017 strategy. The strategy was shaped by extensive consultations with our governance bodies and other stakeholders, and builds on our successes while integrating lessons learnt. Our key objectives over the three years are to:
  • Transform MFW4A from a partnership of donors to a partnership between donors and African financial sector stakeholders;
  • Elevate the Partnership from its current position of a knowledge hub into an effective catalyst for positive change in the financial sector landscape; and
  • Ensure long-term financial sustainability for the Partnership and the Secretariat.
While the fundamental objectives of the Partnership remain unchanged, the new strategy puts MFW4A in a stronger position to catalyse the change that Africa's financial sector needs. What you will see is, first, a streamlined Secretariat structure that will be more efficient in terms of producing tangible outcomes; and, second, a new governance and funding structure to bring development partners and the African financial sector together as equal partners. Our ultimate objective is to strengthen the Partnership and ensure its long-term sustainability. Our work programme will focus on the three strategic priorities of Financial Inclusion, Long-Term Finance, and Financial Stability and Governance. Under these global themes, our work on Agricultural Finance, Insurance, Banking Supervision and Regulation, Housing Finance, Pension Funds, Remittances, and SME Finance continues. However, we will now be more focused on bringing development partners and stakeholders closer together, through joint working groups and other tools. We will build on our strong knowledge base and networks to catalyse real change in the African financial sector landscape. We will, of course continue in our mission to be the primary source of financial sector development-related resources on Africa, including leveraging new technologies to develop new products and web content. We hope you enjoy reading this Yearly Report 2015 and we look forward to your continuous support to increase our impact further in 2016 and beyond.