Kenya: World Bank grants $750mln to accelerate regional integration and development in the Northeast region

Sep 10, 2020 | Ecofin Agency

The World Bank announced on September 8 it has granted new financing worth $750 million to Kenya. The financing is part of the Horn of Africa Gateway Development Project (HoAGDP) which seeks to boost integration in East Africa through the development of regional transport corridors.

The resources will finance the modernization of 365 km of the regional Isiolo-Mandera road corridor (which crosses Kenya's Northeast region) and 30 kilometers of spur roads. This work will be complemented by the implementation of border management systems and the construction of border posts to facilitate trade, the provision of basic socio-economic infrastructure for communities living along the corridor, institutional strengthening, and emergency response measures in the event of disasters or catastrophes during the project period.

Through this program, the authorities hope to attract new investment to the region, boost regional trade, and create jobs. By improving the movement of people and goods, digital connectivity, and access to social services, it is expected to benefit more than 3.2 million people living in Kenya's Northeast region.

“The potential of Northeastern Kenya, as a transit and regional trade facilitation zone is presently not fully exploited. This transformative project will integrate the region and enhance security, inclusion, and a sense of equity, which the communities living in this underserved region of Kenya have desired for a long time,” said Josphat Sasia, a senior expert at the World Bank.

The program also includes the installation of an optical fiber cable along the 740 kilometers of the entire Isiolo-Mandera corridor with branch lines for local communities.

Source: Ecofin Agency