Ivory Coast is moving towards VISA to digitize its government services

Jul 09, 2018

Côte d’Ivoire signed on Monday, July 02 in Abidjan, an agreement with the international company VISA, one of the world leaders in electronic payments, to digitize government services and ensure the availability of financial services to a greater number of Ivorians.

The signing of the convention took place on the sidelines of a visit to Côte d’Ivoire by a delegation of the US Presidential Advisory Council “on how to do business in Africa”, and led by the undersecretary Trade for International Trade, Gilbert Kaplan. According to Adama Koné, Ivorian Minister of Economy and Finance, “the agreement with American society is proof that the Ivorian state aims at international standards when it comes to services offered to the population”. The partnership with VISA will make it possible “to digitize government services and expand digital finance to a greater number of Ivorians”. For his part, Andrew Torre, VISA Regional President for Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that this Memorandum of Understanding “represents an important step in our ongoing cooperation with the Ivorian government”. VISA will integrate more Ivorians into the formal financial system and improve the quality of services and the use of the latest payment technologies, he said. This will include rolling out the mobile VISA solution for more than 1.1 million cocoa, coffee and cashew farmers and allowing approximately 35,000 transit vehicles to accept mobile payments. helping to streamline the transport sector. Source: FinancialAfrik