Event Report - 5th Statutory Meeting of the WAEMU Network of SMEs Support Agencies (SA-PME / UEMOA) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Dec 03, 2018

"SA-PME / UEMOA" Network, a platform for experience sharing between SMEs Support Agencies and the financial sector, the regional national authorities and development partners within the WAEMU (UEMOA) region.

The 5th Statutory Meeting of the Formal Regional Network of SMEs support agencies in WAEMU (SA-SME / UEMOA) was hosted by the Maison de l'Entreprise of Burkina Faso (MEBF) in Ouagadougou, from the 5th to the 6th of November.

This meeting was officially opened by Mr. Boubacar Traore, Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts.

He hailed the role of MFW4A / ADB in coordinating the network's activities and recalling the very commendable assistance of SMEs support agencies in providing local services, which are adapted with high value-added in the region.

This meeting brought together more than 40 participants representing members of the SA-PME Network, banking and financial institutions, BIC-UEMOA (regional credit bureau), microfinance institutions and regional organizations such as the common Central Bank (BCEAO) and the WAEMU Commission.

In addition, the ivoirian main SMEs support agency - Agence Côte d'Ivoire PME - entered the network in 2018 as member. Participants exchanged on various topics, including:

  • Legal and regulatory developments such as the status of the entrepreneur, called "Statut de l'entreprenant", established within the OHADA framework, and the implementation of the Financing Support Facility for SMEs financing as drafted by the central bank (BCEAO).
  • Initiatives and relationships between SMEs support agencies and banks, non-banking financial institutions (leasing, factoring), microfinance institutions, the credit bureau, with a view to facilitating SMEs' access to credit.
  • SMEs coaching experiences, as well as cross-cutting issues such as green finance and innovation.
  • The Network prospects for development, including its activities with other (potential) stakeholders, as well as its institutionalization and sustainability.

For further details on the Network's activities and the implementation of recommendations, please contact the MFW4A Secretariat at secretariat@mfw4a.org.