Ethiopia: NCR Sells 200 ATMs to State Giant

Aug 09, 2017 | Addis Fortune; All Africa

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has bought 200 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) from NCR Corporation, raising its machines to over 1,500. The procurement is estimated to cost the Bank over 30 million Br.

NCR was set to supply the machines after the Bank floated a restricted tender for a long term framework agreement and awarded it the project in March 2016. NCR agreed to supply the ATMs for three years. Since then, CBE has ordered 1,000 ATMs, of which 800 were delivered over the past two fiscal years, whereas the rest were delivered by the company during the past month. Founded in 1884, NCR Corporation is known for its software, hardware and portfolio of services, facilitating 700 million transactions every day via its deployed machines. Since mid-2016, ATMs are connected via a system known as ET-Switch, allowing bank users to withdraw money from any ATM in the country. About 1,700 ATMs are found in Ethiopia with the ATM to population ratio of 1:54,111, two times lower than the world average. Founded in 1963, CBE pioneered ATM services in the country in late 2000. Source: All Africa