Coris Bank, more than 2 000 billion FCFA of investments in Burkina Faso

Jan 09, 2018 | Financial Afrik

The pan-African banking group Coris Bank International (CBI) has injected in its ten years of existence, more than 2 000 billion CFA in the Burkinabe economy according to officials of the institution.

The financing of SME-SMI represents 60% of total outstanding credit, a total of 250 billion FCFA in 2016 and 307 billion FCFA in 2017. In terms of taxes paid to the state of Burkina Faso, the institution has raised more than 93 billion FCFA.

The pan-African banking group Coris Bank International (CBI) based in Ouagadougou, achieved a net profit of 10,073 billion FCFA 1er semester 2017.

After Onatel, owned by Morocco Telecom, and Bank of Africa, Moroccan BMCE Bank, CBI has been, in 2016, the third Burkinabè company to enter the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) in Abidjan.

With more than 230.000 clients and some 40 agencies in Burkina Faso, CBI, which has opened an Islamic counter, is present in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and Togo. Recall that CBI is from the ashes of Financière du Burkina-FIB bought by Idrissa Nassa in 2008.

Source: Financial Afrik