Central Bank of Congo is to launch mobile banking services

Feb 22, 2011

The Central Bank of Congo (BCC) has held a workshop on mobile banking services with the aim of making greater use of the technology.

According to the institution, mobile phones will soon play a key role in accessing banking services in Democratic Republic of Congo, as can be seen in other African countries such as Nigeria or Kenya.

"This new tool will allow millions of Congolese people to access banking services such as savings, money transfer, credit, bills and salary payments," BCC Governor Jean-Claude Masangu told Le Potentiel Newspaper.

During this workshop, the BCC met representatives from the ICT ministry, banks, credit institutions and mobile operators, in order to discuss the necessary steps to introduce a range of remote financial services, especially via mobile phone, as part of the modernisation of the national payment system.

Talks were on topics such as infrastructure, electronic money, mobile operators' terms and conditions, monitoring, risk management and ways to fight money laundering.