Burkina Faso: Banks offering the best support to SME/SMI will receive a trophy

Mar 04, 2011

A special banking award has been organised by Burkinapmepmi.com.

The Trophies of best SME/SMI Banks will reward the country's financial institutions that have offered the most support to small firms in terms of financing.

This banking event is organised by Burkinapmepmi.com, the website intended for this kind of company, under the sponsorship of M Damo Justin Baro, the President of Burkina Faso Special Adviser, who is also an ex-BCEAO vice-governor.

Only banks that fit certain criteria can lay claim to this special prize, which has been created to encourage institutions to support and enterprises with fewer employees in their projects.

According to ouestaf, six prizes will be awarded to banks that are considered to be the most deserving during this ceremony, which will take place on the April 15th 2011.

The jury that will be deciding on the big winner will consist of members which, in majority, are part of small local companies.

This banking event will also reward banks which support small businesses in different areas such as the microfinance, farming, craft industry, technology and socio-economic sectors.