AUHF Conference Resolves to Making Housing Finance Markets Work in Africa

Nov 02, 2015

The adoption of the “Durban Declaration”, a commitment by the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) members to making housing finance markets work in Africa was one of the main outcomes of the three-day conference.

Durban, 29 October 2015 - The adoption of the "Durban Declaration", a commitment by the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) members to making housing finance markets work in Africa was one of the main outcomes of the three-day conference focused on the housing sector on the continent. The AUHF conference, which ended in Durban on Wednesday, 28 October, brought together more than 100 housing finance and development practitioners from both the public and private sectors. In his keynote address, Issa Faye, Manager of the Research Division of the African Development Bank highlighted some of the main challenges in the housing finance value chain, including issues around land, infrastructure, long-term finance and construction. "We cannot continue to do business as usual", said Issa Faye. "The banking sector needs to adapt to deliver affordable housing in Africa". Participants at the conference also took part in formulating collective input and recommendations to the Draft Africa Common Position to Habitat III, currently being developed by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Coordinating Unit of the African Union, and which will be presented at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador, from 17-20 October 2016. Another component of the conference was the "Housing Finance Marketplace" hosted by the Making Finance Work for Africa Partnership (MFW4A). The Marketplace included a panel discussion from high-level representatives of participating DFI organisations, including The World Bank, IFC, Shelter Afrique and UN Habitat, and provided an opportunity for the donors to showcase their organisation's interventions on housing finance on the continent. Breakaway one-on-one meetings between investors, DFIs and housing practitioners followed the panel presentation on the second day. The meetings provided an opportunity towards sealing new deals to promoting investment in affordable housing across the continent. Habib Attia, Financial Sector Advisor at MFW4A said, "The identification and development of new business opportunities is of paramount importance for MFW4A. We will continue to build channels of communication between donors and stakeholders and help to
identify innovative ideas in promoting the housing markets in Africa". About AUHF The African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF)
is a member-based association of mortgage banks, building societies, housing corporations and other organisations in the mobilisation of funds for shelter and housing on the African continent. The membership of the AUHF comprises 40 housing finance practitioners from across the continent, representing in all likelihood the majority of mortgage finance delivery in Africa. The conference and exhibition will give exhibitors and sponsors an opportunity to share their knowledge and showcase their work and progress.