Angola: Development Bank Promotes Financial Citizenship Campaign

Oct 03, 2017 | AngolaPress; All Africa

The Development Bank of Angola (BDA) is organising on 2-3 October, in the central provinces of Huambo and Bié, the campaign dubbed Diversificar (diversify), which aims to promote sustainable enterprising initiatives by the appropriate utilisation of investment funding provided by banks.

According to a BDA press note, which has reached ANGOP, the opening of the said campaign is set for this Monday at 10 am, in Huambo City. In Bié Province the campaign will open at 02 O'clock in the afternoon. For two days, the content of the campaign is to be presented to different sections of the society, such as students, youth associations, local government staffs and specialists, among others. The Diversificar campaign, which started on 05 July this year, in Luanda Province, is intended to promote and reinforce the concept of Virtuous Economic Cycle, as a model for a responsible conduct in regard to the payment of a credit acquired from the banking sector. Source: All Africa