Angola: BNA Sells 170.3 Million Euros to Financial Market

Aug 04, 2017 | Angola Press; All Africa

The National Reserves Bank of Angola (BNA) sold 170.3 million Euros (equivalent to USD 190.3 million) to the financial market, with emphasis on the oil sector operations, availing 53.7 million Euros.

The central bank, in this period, reduced 3.5 million euros of sale in comparison to the previous period, by availing to the market 173.5 million euros. In this balance sheet period, 32.4 million euros were sold to cover operations in various sectors, 9.9 million euros for Credit Cards and 9.2 million euros for bureaux de change. To cover travel operations, family assistance, health and education, it was sold 8.9 million euros, equal amount for remittance operators' accounts, 6.1 million euros for food, 5.4 million euros for the sector of airlines and 268.500 for the insurance sector. The average US dollar exchange rate of the primary exchange rate market at the end of the week remained at 166.744 kwanza, as well as the Euro which was 186.298 kwanzas. Read more on All Africa. Source: All Africa