Africa: Khartoum Stock Exchange's Manager - Our Participation in African Stock Exchanges' Federation Has Created State of Harmony Between African Stock Exchanges

Nov 28, 2017 | Sudan News Agency; All Africa

The Director General of Khartoum Stock Exchange Dr. Azhari Al-Tayib Al-Faki has said that their participation in the Federation of African Stock Exchanges has created a state of harmony between the African stock exchanges through a variety of experiences and exchange of visions and concepts that lead to great development in the work.

He pointed out, in a statement to the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper, that the Federation of African Stock Exchanges has been holding conferences and workshops for staff and technicians in the African stock exchanges to raise their capabilities and develop their skills. The 21st session of the African Federation of Stock Exchanges Conference was opened in Cairo last week in the presence of a number of African Stock Exchange Chiefs and managers of the largest investment institutions. Dr. Faki said that the African Stock Exchanges Federation hoped that we would have a unified African stock exchange so that any African dealers could trade through a single exchange anywhere and establishment of development projects to be funded through any stock exchange of the African's and making double listing between the stock exchanges. " Africa's economies are in need for reforms to be able to rise as they are expected to have the largest workforce by 2035," said Mohamed Farid, the Head of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. "The African economy has tripled since 2000," he said. Farid said that the African countries have not assumed the position they deserve. It is worth mentioning that three African economies are expected to be among the top 30 economies in the world by 2050. Source: All Africa