Advent of a bank comparator in Morocco

Aug 01, 2018 | FinancialAfrik

Morocco now has a platform for comparing and evaluating financial institutions. This is Bankeo, launched by Connection Investement, a young Startup created by computer engineer Nassim Housni Alaoui.

This platform provides a global and exhaustive perspective of the different services and bank rates. Its user “gets a” precise and personalized “comparison result between traditional, participative and online banks,” said a statement from the initiators of the application.
“The emergence of participative banks and online banks also increases the need for consumers to compare and position themselves in relation to these new offers,” the document explains. And to emphasize that “questionnaires make it possible to identify the customer’s consumption habits, in terms of banking services and establish an estimate of their annual fees. On this basis, a comparison is made between different banks, with a calculation of the economics achievable by changing banks. This platform comes on time because it was launched a few months after the signing of the banking mobility agreement, in 2017, by the Professional Group of Banks of Morocco (GPBM), with the aim of simplifying the migration of the accounts of a bank to another, and to promote competition between different brands. According to the same source, “banking mobility was up to now on rather subjective criteria in the absence of simple tools of comparison”. It should be noted that several simulation tools are also offered to users such as the loan simulator, the savings plan simulator and the notary fees simulator.
In addition, simplified banking guides are put forward on the platform to help users to navigate and better understand the lexicon and the banking field. Source: FinancialAfrik