Meet the Stakeholder (MTS)

The “Meet the Stakeholder” section features interviews with strategic public and private institutional stakeholders across Africa with the aim of presenting their activities and offering them greater visibility.

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Meet the Stakholders

LIST of MTS interviews

Botswana Pensions Society (BPS)

Could you briefly introduce BPS?

The Botswana Pensions Society (BPS) is a non-profit making organization registered in 1994 with an objective to promote retirement planning to members of retirement funds and by extension to the general public and to also act as a lobbying body between the industry and policymakers.

It is managed by a Committee comprising technically skilled representatives of industry stakeholders engaged in the management of retirement funds and administered by a...

Federation of African National Insurance Companies (FANAF)

1. Could you please introduce your organisation briefly?

FANAF is a professional association of companies in the insurance and reinsurance sector in 27 African countries. It has several objectives, including to:

Promote the insurance and reinsurance industry in Africa; Represent and defend the interests of the profession; Implement structures for reflection and cooperation in terms of insurance and reinsurance; Provide continuous training for staff in the insurance sector; Publish reviews,...

The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries (SANABEL)

1. Could you briefly introduce Sanabel?

Sanabel is the first and only regional network designed to serve microfinance institutions in the Arab world. It is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 aimed at being the leading institution that promotes financial inclusion in Arab countries. To achieve this goal, Sanabel has as its mission to support the provision of sustainable financial services to low income people and to contribute to capacity building in the microfinance sector in Arab...

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