Meet the Stakeholder (MTS)

The “Meet the Stakeholder” section features interviews with strategic public and private institutional stakeholders across Africa with the aim of presenting their activities and offering them greater visibility.

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Meet the Stakholders

LIST of MTS interviews

Interview with Cédric Atangana

In this interview, Cédric Atangana, a young African, passionate about technology, talks about his academic background and professional life while presenting WeCashUp, a product of Infinity Space, a digital financial services startup he co-founded and currently manages.

Q1: Dear Cédric, could you please tell us about you in a few words?

Cédric Atangana (CA): Hello my name is Cedric ATANGANA, I was born in Cameroun 25 years old ago and I graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Polytech...

The Climate Insurance Fund (CIF)

 This blog was contributed by Magdalena Zatorska (photo), Assistant Vice President in charge of Private Equity in Africa at BlueOrchard Finance. It mainly describes the features of global initiatives to address climate risks including the Climate Insurance Fund (CIF), an initiative in which BlueOchard Finance is involved.

The impacts of climate events disproportionately affect populations in developing countries. Often located in geographies that are already highly vulnerable to adverse...

Africa Pension Funds Network

Could you please introduce your organisation briefly?

As the name suggests, the Africa Pension Funds Network (APFN) is a network of African pension funds and their industry associations. APFN was inaugurated in the margins of the MFW4A Partnership Forum in Dakar, Senegal in June 2014. Our membership currently includes industry associations and pension funds from Botswana, East Africa (covering Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia), Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa, with...

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