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Eastern Central and Southern African Federation of Accountants (ECSAFA)

est. 1989


ECSAFA is a regional body established in 1989 to build and promote the accountancy profession in the Eastern, Central and Southern regions of Africa so that it is, and is perceived by accountants, businesses, financiers and governments, as an important factor in the economic development of the region.

ECSAFA is made up of organizations of chartered accountants from 20 African countries.


ECSAFA’s objectives are to co-ordinate the development of the accountancy profession and promote internationally recognized standards of professional competence and conduct within the region. ESCAFA meets on a regular basis to discuss and consider issues pertaining to the above objectives and report its activities to the International Federation of Accountants.

ECSAFA’s activities include:

  • Support and assistance with the establishment and development of national accountancy bodies
  • Dissemination of information on technical and professional matters between member bodies
  • Promoting the development of common technical, ethical and educational guidelines for the accountancy profession
  • Holding of periodic congresses, seminars and other meetings to enable members of the accountancy profession to meet one another in an environment which fosters discussion and exchange of ideas on matters of mutual interest and inform them of developments in selected fields of accounting concepts and practice
  • Communication with IFAC, IAASB, IPSASB and other relevant regional organisations