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COMESA Business Council (CBC)

est. 2003


The COMESA Business Council (CBC) is a program of the COMESA established within the framework of the Programme for Building African Capacity for Trade (PACT II). The aim of the CBC is to provide an open platform which brings together private sector stakeholders from the nineteen COMESA member states for productive dialogue

It is envisaged that a road map towards creating regional private sector associations, for women and SMEs, will be achieved. In addition, the Council is expected to contribute to intensifying public-private dialogue between CBC and the COMESA Secretariat, besides endorsement of the CBC Draft Strategic Plan and Work Plan.


The CBC has four main objectives:

  • Sharing of various experiences and lessons learnt
  • Discussing emerging issues vis-à-vis regional trade related policies
  • Creation of opportunities, gathering of recommendation and analysis of challenges which will better inform the CBC Draft Strategic Plan and Work Plans
  • The creation of regional private sector associations for women and SMEs