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African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)

est. 1991


Established in February 1991, ACBF is the outcome of collaboration between African governments and the international donor community. Its mission is to build effective human and institutional capacity for sustained growth and poverty reduction in Africa. The Foundation is a leader, major partner, and centre of excellence for capacity building in Africa.

Since inception, thirty-six (36) African countries, along with four (4) international organizations and thirteen (13) non-African countries have supported the Foundation’s capacity building efforts over the years. The ACBF was designed to serve as a coordinating mechanism for donor support to capacity building on the continent, through the pooling of resources and common governance and reporting system. Until 2000, ACBF’s interventions focused on building and strengthening capacity for macroeconomic policy analysis and development management. Since then, this focus has been expanded to cover support:

  • To projects and programs designed to strengthen the core public sector and its interface with the private sector and civil society in order to enhance their contributions to good governance, poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • To regional initiatives in the areas of training, policy analysis, applied policy research, trade policy development and negotiations as well as policy advocacy
  • For the emergence of institutional frameworks for country ownership and coordination of capacity building activities as well as for participatory development
  • Knowledge generation and sharing for the transformation of the ACBF into a knowledge-based institution and to support the emergence of knowledge-based economies in Africa


ACBF’s key objectives are to build new capacity, strengthen and better utilize existing capacity in a sustainable manner. ACBF achieves a track record of development results, due to the effective channeling of capacity to areas that spur economic growth and poverty reduction, strengthen good governance and enhance participation by Africa in the global economy.