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Shelter Afrique ()



Shelter Afrique is a Pan African financial institution dedicated to financing housing and related infrastructure in Africa. Shelter Afrique was established in 1982 by African governments, the African Development Bank (AfDB), Africa-Reinsurance Corporation and the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) to mobilize resources for housing development in Africa. In the words of the founding fathers, "the Company is to mobilize capital from which loan and equity resources can be made available to national housing development institutions in Africa for approved schemes."


Shelter Afrique aims to create value added products to enhance the development of the real estate sector with a view to improving the living environment and facilitating the achievement of the goal of housing for all. This is achieved through:

  • Provision and expansion of sources of affordable and sustainable financial resources for housing programmes
  • Collaborative partnerships with all actors in the shelter delivery process
  • Sharing of information on the best means of providing quality shelter
  • Numerous lending instruments such as: direct loans, line of credit, equity, short-term facilities and trade finance; and technical assistance