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Inter-African Conference on Social Security (CIPRES)

est. 1993


0The Treaty establishing the Inter-African Conference on Social Welfare (CIPRES) was signed on September 21st, 1993 in Abidjan jointly by the Ministries of Finance and those responsible for Social Welfare . This alliance was formed from the desire of member nations to establish and consolidate the bonds of social and economic integration between them. Also, concerns about weakness in their social security institutions plus the need to continue streamlining the joint operation of their welfare system is amongst the preamble for this organization.


The main objectives of the CIPRES are to:

  • Establish common rules for the management of Social Security Institutions in member states
  • Establish management control of social security institutions to streamline their operations to better safeguard the interests of insured persons, including migrant workers
  • Conduct studies and develop proposals for the harmonization of laws and regulations applicable to the Agencies and employee benefits
  • Facilitate the implementation of specific actions at regional level, a policy of initial and ongoing training of managers and technicians of social security institutions in Member States