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West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA)

est. 1973


WAICA is a sub-regional association of insurance companies and institutions from the five English speaking West African countries (i.e. Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Liberia). It aims to co-ordinate the activities of the insurance market in each area on sound and technical basis. It also acts as a medium for the exchange of views, news and ideas.

WAICA also acts as a catalyst in advancing economic integration and development in the sub-region through its seminars, educational conferences, the establishment of the West African Insurance Institute, and the proposed conversion of the WAICA Reinsurance Pool into a fully fledged sub-regional Reinsurance Company.


WAICA aims to improve the image of the insurance industry in West Africa and be of relevance to its members in particular and the insurance community at large, whilst assisting in the creation of an enabling environment for economies and industries of the sub-region to thrive.

WAICA is committed to the following activities:

  • Encouraging the development of the insurance market in member countries
  • Supporting the development of business relationships among member companies
  • Promoting insurance education in each country and encouraging existing educational institutions such as universities to initiate courses and training programs in insurance and allied subjects, and the exchange of business and personnel between member companies
  • Encouraging the publication of books and articles on insurance in the region, to enhance awareness of the socio-economic impact and benefits of the sector
  • Working towards and facilitating the establishment of a West African Reinsurance Corporation
  • Supporting the exchange of information, data and experience among member companies